Compatible with RC 1.0

Customizable, toolbar for Firefox
--Works on Mac and PC

--Add any search engines(s) you like via simple interface (Please don't add another amazon engine because the one in the bar has a unique and important affiliate ID tag..ours )

--"BlogThis" for Blogger, TypePad, BlogHarbor, Bloglines (easy-subscribe),
or LiveJournal (Quick Post)

--Comes pre-loaded these search  engines: Note the amazon engine

--Highlight Search terms

--Jump to word (immediately finds the search terms in a web page)

--Uninstall button on the toolbar (Why would you want to uninstall this?! 
But really, if we didn't do a great job of building an awesome tool, you should be
able to get rid of it with ease)

--Autoupgrade.  When we make an upgrade to the bar, your toolbar will be automatically
upgraded. To see more on how this happens, take a look at our FAQs

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